2010s 2013.09 Nominated for the korea distributor of ‘Desco industries’ USA
2000s 2009.12 Opened representative office in Manila philippines
2008.01 Concluded the agency contract with the ESD division of ‘3M’
2007.09 Reopened the Head Office at new location
2006.07 Reregistered the company as the name of ‘SEEMEX Technology Co., Ltd. ‘ Opened representative office in gwangju korea
2003.03 Developed the new DC Type Ionizer -‘ANAMI’ Series
2001.04 Open the ESD-Solution Division Office, under the ‘SEEMEX Hitec Co., Ltd.’
1990s 1997.04 Completed the construction of the Room Ionization System for ‘ANAM Tech(Old-Amkor).’
1997.01 Registered the company brand of ‘SEEMEX’
1996.09 Nominated for the Korea agent of ‘SIMCO’ Japan
1994.10 Branched out into the ‘ESD Control Soultions’ products
1991.04 Incorporated ‘Dong An. Co.‘
1980s 1989.09 Founded the divisions of ‘Electronic & Food Applications’